"Japanese tea" is booming overseas

"Japanese tea" is a familiar drink for Japanese people. In recent years, exports of "Japanese tea" have been strong due to the growing global health consciousness, the boom in Japanese food, the popularity of tea ceremony as a Japanese culture, and the tailwind of these.

On the other hand, domestic production sites are exhausted.

However, on the other hand, looking at the production site, many Japanese tea producers are out of business due to the decrease in domestic Japanese tea consumption, sluggish prices, the decrease in the farming population and the aging of producers. It is not well known that it is on the verge of. Unlike other agricultural products, it costs a lot to manufacture after harvesting, and it requires not only cultivation and harvesting techniques but also manufacturing techniques as well as appropriate equipment. As the nationwide agricultural workforce declines year by year, the number of Japanese tea producers is declining at a faster rate. It is said that there are more than 140 Japanese tea producing areas, including Shizuoka, Kagoshima and Mie prefectures, which are the three major producing areas, from Iwate in the north to Okinawa in the south. Is now in trouble. There are many production areas that will disappear within a few years if nothing is done.

I don't want to lose the "Japanese tea" that is important to us ...

"I can no longer drink Japanese tea that I thought I could drink at any time." I don't want such a future. To prevent that from happening It is important for Japanese people to know "Japanese tea" well and to recognize that "Japanese tea" is an important culture for Japanese people. 』 From such a feeling, we launched this "Japanese tea BANK".

What "Japanese tea BANK" aims for

In "Japanese Tea BANK", by introducing attractive teas from all over Japan, especially from the perspective of "region", "to get to know the region where Japanese tea is produced together with Japanese tea. Be a fan. This will lead to the continuation of Japanese tea production in each region. " Among all agricultural products, Japanese tea is an ingredient with "teroir (rooted in the region, all characteristics of the region)" in each region. The disappearance of Japanese tea in the region means that one of the important cultures that has been passed down to the region will disappear. Through this site, we would like to disseminate information on Japanese tea all over the country and continue to think about the future of Japanese tea together with everyone.

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